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Thursday, April 18th, 2019 - Audi
2020 Audi R6 Interior Prestige Pricing Colors Usa

2020 Audi R6. Audi is one of the most famous car manufacturers when it comes to affordable cars and high-end models. The Audi A6 revolutionary 2020 is the latest in this brand, and it has a great design that will debut with the Audi A7 2020 and the Audi A8 2020. The Audi A6 2020 offers multiple functions to improve the luxury and ensure fuel efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at some of their outstanding features.

The word on the market is that Audi is preparing the Audi R6 2020, which is presented as the third sports car of the brand on its list. The model is likely to start in 2020, and now has a PO455 code symbol, but some people are already referring to it as an R6. It is reported that this vehicle will have bases for the Cayman and Porsche 718 Boxster models. They also say a couple will be manufactured and a version of the road with the latter will be issued with the Spyder R6 badge. If all this is true, this will make the Audi R6 the second Audi car borrowed from the Volkswagen Group platform.

They’re also launching this model on a small R8 and this news is not new. For a while, Audi was said to be planning to build such a car, but since it confirmed that it planned to share its fundamentals with Porsche, the story gained more credibility. In fact, Porsche uses two unique platforms compared to the Volkswagen Group, the 718 and 911 models. This will help Audi reduce production costs for Porsche, while Audi will not have to develop a special platform or lose time.

The view of the Audi R6 2020 will also be important as it represents a continuation of the cooperation between Audi and Porsche. In fact, it was in the 1990s when the two assembled the RS2 Avant model together. It was a high-performance model for the Audi 80 and used a 2.2-inch 2.2-liter built-in 2.2-liter engine developed and revised by Porsche for this release.

Although the Audi R6 2020 is not yet confirmed, there are many details that will lead us to launch the announcement of the car that will arrive very soon.

Audi is known to be a provider of affordable family cars and was known as such until at least the 1990s. Audi’s first entry into the sports car sector was the Audi Quattro, introduced in 1980. After that, S2 was replaced by 80 Quattro shops and was produced between 1991 and 1996.

But then it took some time when they finally introduced a new performance, the fifth version released in 2007. But before that, the company made its first full-size sports car, TT. The R8 Super Sports continued in 2006, an opportunity it used to fight other sports cars and high-performance vehicles in the sector. The R8 was redesigned in 2015 and it seems that a new sports car is on its way with the R6 as the next.

We hope that the Audi R6 2020 combines the elements of R8 and TT. Undoubtedly, it will use the latest design language of Audi cars and will be recognized immediately as an Audi car. The fascia will be similar to the R8, but the overall model should be significantly reduced and the car will not be aggressive compared to other cars that are beyond Audi’s range. The front is likely to achieve the familiar network of one frame and other brand elements, such as horizontal segments. Snapshots must be on the narrow side, while the headlights are thinner and the LED patterns will be changed.

The car will also look like the R8, but it will also fade slightly. The character line will not be pronounced but will continue to add side skirts that will be placed between it and the waistline. The ceiling is also dim and the back will keep the taillights like the R8 model. But the shape will be slightly different and the design will be modified. It is expected to add a mathematical publisher and additional exhaust outlets that will be integrated into the bottom.

2020 Audi R6 Interior

The new Audi R6 2020 must combine sportsmanship and luxury. The interior will depend on some elements of the current Audi line. That is, the text is expected to look like the one seen in the TT model, but it uses a more traditional central stack design than one in R8. The three-arm design, the lower plane and the steering wheel will be moved, and the digital display kit will be used to provide more information about the vehicle. Expect to approach and wait for monochrome combinations in gray and dark black and are usually added.

Like other high-performance Audi cars, this will add aluminum parts, carbon fiber inserts, and leather upholstery. Also, do not forget contrast stitching, Alcantara leather and seat surfaces with diamond covers. Reinforced sports seats help the backrest and may come as standard.

The improved technology will include the latest Audi MMI with Navigation Plus, MMI Touch, and Audi Connect with Wi-Fi. There’s also the new Audi Smartphone technology that lets you view all your apps and content right from your phone to the inside of your car. In terms of audio is an excellent sound system Bang & Olufsen.

2020 Audi R6 Engine

The most attractive may surround the Audi R6 2020. Since they use the Porsche 718 platform, there are many engine options to choose from. But one of them is not a 5.2-liter V-10 from the R8 as the platform is too small for this engine, and Audi will not allow the R6 to be better than the R8. Some options are a 3.0-liter V-6, one 4-liter 2.0-liter engine, and even a 4.0-liter V-8 engine. Using these engines will easily lead to a 300 output, while the RS split model will easily adjust to up to 400 hp.

The model can also come with a refurbished boat used in the TT-RS and provides a power of 400 hp and 354 lb/ft of torque. Therefore, it will be difficult to integrate if Audi decides to give us the strongest R6 Plus. A 2.0-liter turbocharged turbocharger is an option that can be an option for R6 buyers.

We assume that any of the engine’s engines will be coupled with an S-Tronic double handle, a seven-speed transmission, with no manual option. Quattro and strings are standard. The speed will be about 4 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, while the maximum speed may reach 175 mph.

2020 Audi R6 Release Date And Price

It is not yet time to talk about the price of the Audi R6 2020, but we can estimate it based on the prices of the current Audi cars. TT-RS is offered for $ 68,000 and the R6 cannot be used for less than $ 80,000. But it’s likely that the cost of the car at $ 100,000 is that the fully loaded R8 price is $ 162,900.

2020 Audi R6 Competitor

Interestingly, however, the biggest competition for the Audi R6 2020 is probably the car that borrows its platform. So Porsche saw the 718 Cayman as the biggest competitor in the new R6.

Let us remind you that the Audi R6 2020 is still in the speculative world, but it makes sense that this car is manufactured. The current markets and the vehicles we have seen will really benefit from Audi’s addition. Also, Porsche’s offer is very likely to be rejected and God knows that bigger cars get bigger profits than small cars. Audi R6 2020 can be seen in action very soon, the news about the release date has come sooner rather than later.

2020 Audi R6 Allroad Prestige Pricing Colors Usa

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